What is DeCodExLab

DeCodExLab is basically what its name says, that is the abbreviation of its motto: Develop, Code, Experiment. A laboratory where we develop, so, of course, we write some code and above all where we experiment.

The beginning was a bit trubled, because the idea was born on december 2016, but after a long gestation and after setting up the site at its best, we are ready to start. And the beginning could only be an experiment.

This expreriment is called Project Zero, why? Because 0 is the origin and this is a project, a work in progress. Project Zero wants to be a point of reference for future Italian developers.

DeCodExLab’s ambition is to offer apps for the Android platform in the near future, so what better start than to allow anyone to get closer to the world of Android development? Project Zero proposes to do this, starting from the scratch to get to develop apps for Android.

Stay tuned and follow the develop of Zero.